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re: Elderly people in the UK being told their houses are too big for them & they need to sell

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That’s exactly what I’d come up with if I had to make up a fictional place in the UK
Posted by Spankum
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how millenials have felt their whole lives

What?…millennials really feel like migrants?
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Posted by SlowFlowPro
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. There are cities all over the United States that do the same and rightly so.

As I said in the poli board thread, any city council meeting I have ever been to was dominated by people asking for extensions or waivers in having vacant/blighted houses destroyed. This isn't some British thing. Baw country does this shite on the reg.
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Now the bullshite about letting illegals live in these properties once seized, well that's a different matter

one that won’t be talked about. ever. at the barrel of a gun
Posted by udtiger
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Too bad they don't have a 2nd Amendment

Or 5th either
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This English community has laws on the books that attempt to hold property owners accountable for their blighted real estate and as a last resort,

We know that’s not the same for the bottom half of Louisiana. Pay the property taxes, and maybe a bill from a town that actually cares and comes in once a year to clean up the property. Honestly, no matter if we like it or not, it’s the way it should be. If someone pays Big Daddy Government there fair share, then the government can STFU. It’s comparing apples to oranges as of now, but how long is that going to be the case before 1st world European start to go down the drain because of feelings?
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Story of america

Lol idiot.
Posted by themunch
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That wont happen here gif
Posted by jimmy the leg
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Story of america.

It figures that your goose-stepping arse would deflect from the story put forth by the OP.

You probably celebrated reading that people were being forced out to house invaders.

You are a pile of human excrement.

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