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re: The death of rock music in two senses
There’s so much content that it’s hard to fight through the noise to find the good stuff.

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re: The death of rock music in two senses
Rock will never die as it was all recorded on 8 track for posterity!!

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re: The death of rock music in two senses
IMO rock music will live on, but it won't be as prolific as it used to be. Bands will still find an audience, maybe even a big audience, however they might not be a household name like in the days of yore, because 1) they won't get the major label exposure like in the past, and 2) music in general isn't the only game in town for your entertainment dollar anymore, so it has to share the spotlight with other hobbies/vices/whatever. So basically, there'll still be the usual hierarchy, but maybe your neighbor won't be familiar with the bands you listen to and vice versa.

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