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re: The Money Talk Guide - A List of Major Topics Covered

Posted on 10/25/18 at 12:28 pm to
Posted by rowbear1922
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Posted on 10/25/18 at 12:28 pm to

New poster. What are your guys thoughts on the stock market falling?

Per the norm every once in a while.
Posted by pioneerbasketball
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Posted on 4/3/19 at 2:39 am to
Any new topics that can be added to the op?
Posted by meeple
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Posted on 4/24/19 at 2:26 pm to
Need to replace the link in the OP for the updated Will Cover method

Posted by tduecen
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Posted on 11/27/19 at 6:10 pm to
I see no crypto link
Posted by G The Tiger Fan
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Posted on 10/30/20 at 5:07 pm to
Me neither. The big crypto thread is usually always on the first page, though.
Posted by 1sentenceshort
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Posted on 12/23/20 at 8:24 pm to
Thank you. I have been searching for something like this in my life. It is currently dark and empty. Since I cannot compete with everyone else in looks, athletics, wit, beauty and inteliigence I will devote myself to these conecepts you speak of in accumlating wealth.

Thank you.
Posted by Miner
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Posted on 12/26/20 at 10:15 pm to
So I was reading thebigfella dividend stock thread. What ever happened to him?
Posted by stlslick
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Posted on 2/12/21 at 7:52 pm to
If i'm looking to get into bitcoin, or other of the coin dealios, or even stocks, whats a good site to open an account?

Is Coinbase a good site? they wanted picture of drivers #, and a lot of stuff i wasn't comfortable giving. Should i be worried or site ok?

I won a tourney on twitch for $5, but paid in bitcoin, and that was the site they used, i signed up, but it seemed fishy, wanting all the info just to accept the $5 in crypto
Posted by Wishnitwas1998
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Posted on 3/5/21 at 1:51 am to
Anyone want to point me In the right direction regarding EIDL loans and the new EIDL targeted advance grants? Figured here or the poli board but wasn’t really trying to get into a political discussion just wanting info on how it works and if I may be eligible for the latter
Posted by Tiguar
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Posted on 4/23/21 at 10:47 am to
Coinbase and voyager etc are FDIC insured and basically banks.

You should be just as comfortable giving them your info as you would a bank.
Posted by BigD43
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Posted on 6/11/21 at 5:44 pm to
What are some great ways that you all have made money in the past w/o warranting a lot of time?
Posted by Cowboyfan89
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Posted on 10/9/21 at 7:05 pm to
Are there any good threads on retirement accounts for self-employed individuals? Specifically, which companies are the best for the various accounts in terms of fees, investment options, etc.?
Posted by HagaDaga
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Posted on 11/17/21 at 10:51 pm to
Random question..and didn't want to start a thread....if anyone can answer....

Does transfering $10k+ from a bank checking acct to a trading acct (Fidelity in my case) get reported to the IRS, so I will have to fill something out? And vice versa too I guess. TIA
Posted by meeple
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Posted on 11/22/21 at 4:11 am to
Will Cover updated his auto buying method significantly. Suggest adding/updating link in OP.

Updated v.3.16 - Will Cover's 2018 buying guide to purchasing a new vehicle
Posted by deeprig9
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Posted on 1/4/22 at 5:16 pm to
Need a crypto link. I have questions that have probably already been asked a thousand times.
Posted by SeeeeK
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Posted on 2/8/22 at 4:27 pm to
What is a good, safe, reliable site to open an account for bitcoin transactions.

gambling sites are offering zero fees, and immediate payoffs if you use bitcoin as the payment.

I won a contest and was offered 5 bucks of bit coin(it was at 10K at the time), and something felt fishy about the bit coin wallet sites, especially all the info they wanted. so i said donate it to next winner.

Yes it was stupid to give free money away, but what would be a good options for my bitcoin trading place(low fees, etc)
Posted by Gpfather
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Posted on 2/13/22 at 8:22 pm to
Posted by Partha
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Posted on 7/2/22 at 3:25 am to


Thank you for putting this thread together.

I had no idea that there was actually useful information on this website.

I honestly thought that it was nothing but a non-stop orgy of shiteposting alters trolling each other relentlessly 24/7 until I came across this thread.

Well done!
Posted by mulletproof
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Posted on 1/19/23 at 8:14 pm to
Seems legit to me..
Posted by sjmabry
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Posted on 8/22/23 at 9:07 pm to
Appreciate this one!
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