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LSU bar in Nashville for game

Posted on 9/15/23 at 9:36 am
Posted by RichPoke30
Member since Feb 2009
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Posted on 9/15/23 at 9:36 am
Here for the weekend. Give me best recommendations for group of 20+ to watch the game tomorrow morning in music city
Posted by saintslsupels
Member since Jul 2014
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Posted on 9/15/23 at 9:38 am to
Didn’t your mother teach to ask nicely for things?
Posted by SouthernInsanity
Shadows of Death Valley
Member since Nov 2012
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Posted on 9/15/23 at 9:41 am to
Great places all over parts of Nashville!!!

Posted by pitchandcatch27
Member since Jul 2018
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Posted on 9/15/23 at 9:45 am to
The best LSU Tigers bar and most popular LSU watch party location in Nashville TN is Jonathan's Grille.
Posted by Im4LSUnTN
Brentwood, TN
Member since Jul 2015
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Posted on 9/15/23 at 9:47 am to
I’m an LSU Alum living in Nashville. The LSU Nashville Alumni a chapter does a few in party each week at the Cajun Steamer. It’s located in the Cool Springs area south of Nashville between the Franklin and Brentwood suburbs. Fun group. Geaux Tigers.
Posted by iheartlsu
Member since Sep 2005
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Posted on 9/15/23 at 9:50 am to
Gumbo Bros is the official Alumni bar but you might have a hard time getting the whole group sitting together for that. There's another group of older people that goes to Scoreboard, but it's kind of out of the way and the atmosphere is meh. You can try Neighbors Germantown or Third and Home (it's on the second floor).
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Posted by JeffSpartan85
Member since Jan 2017
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Posted on 9/15/23 at 9:55 am to
I am not sure, but it sounds like you are talking about Memphis.
Posted by paulb52
Member since Dec 2019
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Posted on 9/15/23 at 9:57 am to
Dierks Bentley rooftop bar on the strip.
Posted by Leeroy Laloosh
Member since Sep 2023
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Posted on 9/15/23 at 10:43 am to
I was there in July. No games yet but it looked like the Barstool bar off Broadway would be a great place to watch a game
Posted by PawnMaster
Down Yonder
Member since Nov 2014
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Posted on 9/15/23 at 10:51 am to
If there are 20+ of y'all, the LSU bar can be what ever bar you want it to be
Posted by NashTigFan
Nashville, TN
Member since Mar 2013
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Posted on 9/15/23 at 10:52 am to
If you are downtown Corner Pub on 5th Ave has a great TV set up and lots of space. Double Dogs has two locations (one in Hillsboro Village and one in Sylvan Park where I live) both roughly 10 minutes outside of downtown that also have great TV set ups and plenty of space. Where ever you go you are going to want to get there when they open to get tables for 20 people. Let us know where yall end up and I may swing by... would love to watch with 20+ LSU fans in the bar.
Posted by Jim Hopper
Ocean Springs Mississippi
Member since Sep 2019
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Posted on 9/15/23 at 10:55 am to
Peckers Bar and Grill seems like the perfect spot for you and the boys.
Posted by Neon Boudeaux
Member since Oct 2016
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Posted on 9/15/23 at 10:57 am to
Gumbo Bros in the Gulch. Neighbors, Third and Home or Jonathan's in Germantown. Noble's or Beyond the Edge in East Nashville.
Posted by FredbullTN
Brentwood, TN
Member since Sep 2023
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Posted on 9/15/23 at 11:18 am to
Ive been lurking on TD for a few years and just signed up because we just moved to the Cool Springs area from Louisiana and saw this post. Is Cajun Steamer a decent place during crawfish season or do I need to plan regular trips back to Louisiana?
Posted by Tha crook
Baton Rouge
Member since Oct 2018
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Posted on 9/15/23 at 11:34 am to
Man back in the day it was the red rooster LSU owned that place even our locals bands around town used to travel and play there . I haven’t been to an away vandy game since 2010 . Been to Nashville a lot since but not during football season . Red rooster is closed though

Posted by LSU Jax
Gator Country Hell
Member since Sep 2006
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Posted on 9/15/23 at 11:44 am to
These threads are getting out of control.
Posted by SportsGuyNOLA
New Orleans, LA
Member since May 2014
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Posted on 9/15/23 at 12:15 pm to
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