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re: KState game ending explanation for those who didn't see it...

Posted on 11/24/22 at 10:55 am to
Posted by tmcats
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read the first sentence!
Posted by oldskule
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Posted on 11/24/22 at 12:11 pm to
The rule does not say anything about "replaying" the play.
This rule needs to be addressed, because the team with the ball was penalized, and had nothing to do with the mistake by the clock operator.
Posted by rickyh
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Posted on 11/24/22 at 12:31 pm to
When I explained as to what happened at the end of the game. I didn't mean to say that I agreed with the rule. I don't know the rule as to what the correct thing to do if this happened. I was just stating that they were right as far as the clock not starting when the play began and if it had started on time the shot would not have been in time. That is not saying that the shooter couldn't have shot it farther out if he knew time was running out. I thought the officiating was horrendous and the officials got K- State back in the game calling bad fouls.
Posted by Pelican fan99
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LSU could give the NCAA big time issues by protesting the outcome. At worst this is a do over.
doubt it. The NCAA would just say worry we screwed up move on

LSU got screwed but they’re not getting worked up over a November basketball game

These refs should never ref another high level game ever again though. They need to go back to middle school level
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Posted by nolimitnola
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Wade would’ve choke slammed somebody.
Posted by Madking
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The refs are supposed to watch the clock and if it doesn’t start on time they’re supposed to blow the play dead and reset. The refs didn’t do their job then instead of correcting their mistake they put it on the clock operator and completely botched the game. There’s no rule that clearly explains what happened because what happened shouldn’t be possible if the people in control of the game simply do their job.
Posted by One Arm Steve
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Posted on 11/24/22 at 5:46 pm to
Interesting they also include "malfunctioning". No way they would just cancel a play and end the game if the shot clock didn't work ??
Posted by KamaCausey_LSU
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read the first sentence!

Went to that rule. It's even more clear that they got it wrong. The basket should have counted.


1. Determine whether a timing mistake occurred in starting or stopping the game clock:
a. After the malfunction or mistake, such a mistake shall be corrected:
1. During the first dead ball and before the ball is touched inbounds or out of bounds by a player other than a thrower-in.
2. When the clock should have been continuously running, the mistake shall be corrected before the second live ball is touched inbounds or out of bounds by a player other than a thrower in

The clock mistake should have been corrected before the second live ball, the would be throw in after the made basket.

The way it reads the only opportunity to correct the clock is before the initial inbounds/dead ball, or before the next live ball.
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