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Recommendations on a folding / wall mounted squat rack?
Does anyone here have any experience with a foldable squat rack?

The PRX one looks to be the best/most convenient, but its also almost double the price of all other options.

As of now I am looking at the Ethos from Dicks ($399)

or the Rogue ($525)

Im open to other suggestions. Im tight on space, so a foldable rack is a must

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re: Recommendations on a folding / wall mounted squat rack?
I have had the rogue for a little over a year and love it. I do everything on it. Hasn’t budged in the slightest. I drop the pull-up bar down lower and my wife uses it for barre stuff.

I usually leave it “out” and keep one half of my garage for gym stuff. But when bad weather is headed my way I fold it up and pull my truck in.

ETA: folding it up every day would get a little old to be honest

ETA2: I don’t know anything about ethos, but when building my gym I decided that if it was something that could kill me when it broke I wasn’t going to cheap out on it. Rogue is solidly built and made in the USA.

They actually accidentally used some Canadian steel in a few racks and sent out an email and replaced the parts free of charge for affected customers.
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re: Recommendations on a folding / wall mounted squat rack?
Don't get the Ethos. It's solid enough, but there is not nearly enough adjustment for the j-hooks. I have both a Rogue rig as well as a Titan Fitness rig, and honestly the Titan one is just as robust as the Rogue one for much less. Titan's quality has improved a lot in the last two years, they are absolutely viable if your looking for something budget friendly, which I'm guessing you are since you were looking at Ethos.

Speaking of Ethos, DO get their adjustable bench. I have that off of FacebookMarketplace and that thing is built like a tank.

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re: Recommendations on a folding / wall mounted squat rack?
+1 for the rogue folding racks . Built well and will last forever
Only issue with theirs is shipping cost.

I looked at the Ethos one as well but it had some issues that were not worth the price savings.
-lack of attachment options; non standard mounting patterns . The rogue unit has tons of available attachments and some other mfg's (Titan, rep, etc) attachments are interchangeable
- the vertical uprights do not actually touch the ground . It appears that all of the weight is supported by leveling legs . This does not seem like a good design

Titan's folding rack might be something to look at . My issue with that one was the lack of available mounting stringers and no room for adjustment height for the uprights in case your garage floor is not level
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re: Recommendations on a folding / wall mounted squat rack?
Titan 2x3 folding rack here. I’ve had it about 5 years with zero problems. I never fold it up though. I have the high/low cable pulleys on it and safety spotter arms. Super cheap too.

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re: Recommendations on a folding / wall mounted squat rack?
Rep Fitness has a folding rack too. I have their PR5000 and love it. I have equipment from Rep, Rogue, and Titan, and are all of the same quality so far.

Also, I wanted a fold-up rack at first but decided to make room for a full rack because I had several people tell me they upgraded from fold-up to full due to never folding it.

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re: Recommendations on a folding / wall mounted squat rack?
I wanted a fold up rack too but I know how lazy I am and that I would never fold it up. So I got the 12” Titan space saving rack. I didn’t use the arms at the top like in the picture. I just connected the uprights with the pull-up bar. So it only stuck out 15” from the wall.


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re: Recommendations on a folding / wall mounted squat rack?
I have had that exact Rogue rack for 3+ years. I fold it up in front of my truck and use it 3x a week. I don't do pull ups so I don't worry about hanging the PU bar every time.

I unfold it, put pins in the bottom of each upright, put on the weight racks and get to work. Folding/unfolding takes less than 2 mins.

I love it and couldn't be happier with it. I also have the Rogue Echo bar and a set of plates from them.

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