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CBD for High School athletes

How do y'all feel about kids in high school taking CBD for its neuroprotective capabilities and for managing pain? I am more so asking for parents of h.s. aged kids.

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If they have drug tests that care about MJ, I'd be really careful. In a 2017 Journal of American Medical Association study, 18 of 84 CBD oil products had THC levels high enough to cause impairment.

CBD's issue is the sketchy regulation for product purity. Also, it's unknown whether regular use could trigger enough THC buildup to pop positive on a test.

Personally, I could get fired for a positive test, so I don't risk it and wouldn't consider risking it until measurement standards are better.

There are non CBD neuroprotective supps that are as good, IMO. Alcar, Huperzine, Alpha GPC and Bacopa all have decent research backing and I use them.

Good bloodflow is probably #1 for preserving neurological function, though. If you have crappy bloodflow, cognitive decline is much more likely.

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I believe my father in law was taking CBD and got popped on a drug test at work. It shows up even though the THC levels are low. When I was a student athlete, you were randomly drug tested.

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Not worth the risk of getting caught.

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The idea is to find a supplier that claims 0 THC in their products with 3rd party testing results available.

Also, you could buy some of the oil, then buy a home drug test that reacts with THC. Find someone willing to take it for a few days and take the test to see if it pops. If it doesn't you should be fine (of course at your own risk here) but if it pops, you were lied to.

Until the stigma of cannabis is removed, anything related to it will be met with resistance, even though it does work for lots (not all) of people who use it.

Funny enough, I have no idea why athletes get tested for it. It makes you worse at like everything that doesn't involve Pink Floyd playing in the background on repeat. When I find out a top athlete had popped for weed, I am actually more impressed with their skills since they can smoke a bowl then go out and run for 100 yds and a TD the next day.

That's why I regard LT as probably the greatest athlete ever. Dude was a walking drug infraction while being the best player in the NFL.

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