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re: We need a golf guide for noobs...

Rule 6: Tip the cart girl and move on. She's not into you despite her big smile.

And you old baws who make creepy comments to her just know she's stopping at the first group of young guys and talking shite about you.

My rule would be to not be a dickhead about the rules with a beginner. There's nothing worst than when you're starting out and your a-hole playing partner is making you take absurd drops when you're just trying to make contact.

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re: We need a golf guide for noobs...

You don't have to be good to play fast.

Hit the ball, then go hit it again. Play with cheap balls, and don't waste more than 1-2 minutes looking for lost balls.

When you're at triple bogie, pick up and move on.

this is all great advice, especially for new players.

I will add to hit the range a few times before hitting the course. If you enjoy it while hitting some balls on the range, buy you a nice used set of irons that will hold value and you can grow with. I always tell people to find a used set of ping irons for around 300 bucks because if you decide not to play anymore you can get the 300 back.

When you can make contact with the ball every time, you are allowed to go to the course. Be picky about who you play with. Sometimes you will play with people you don't want to play with but pick your foursome with people you will enjoy playing with, it makes it more fun. More fun = sticking with it.

ALLOW FASTER GROUPS THROUGH. Huge. It isn't a big deal to be bad if you allow groups through you on tee boxes or at least offer it to them. If you are losing ground to the group in front of you, offer the group behind you to play through.

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re: We need a golf guide for noobs...
stay the FRICK off the golf course ...

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re: We need a golf guide for noobs...
Leave your shirt on to fight in the parking lot

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re: We need a golf guide for noobs...
If you get angry after a bad shot and want to throw a club always throw it infront of you. That way you don't have to walk back later to get it

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re: We need a golf guide for noobs...
Try to stay on the path as much as possible. Respect the golf course, please don’t cause damage.
Avoid driving anywhere near the greens.
The lead cart pulls just beyond the tee box so the next carts can be parallel to it.

Don’t let the game get you down during the round, seek to enjoy just being out there. It’s hard for everyone.

“Golf is a game that cannot be won, only played”.
-Bagger Vance

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