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Rob Noel - AimPoint

Posted on 6/13/24 at 10:51 am
Posted by canthandle
Member since Mar 2012
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Posted on 6/13/24 at 10:51 am
Just checking in here to see if anyone has used Rob Noel for an AimPoint lesson.

He's a "Level 4" instructor for that per the website, and the closest option for me.
Posted by BLIZZAKE7
Member since Apr 2005
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Posted on 6/13/24 at 8:59 pm to
A lot of people learn it from YouTube
Posted by SingleMalt1973
Member since Feb 2022
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Posted on 6/13/24 at 9:08 pm to
Aim point seems useless to me. I don’t think,it works in theory, but is just a way to,get people to pick a line and trust it which automatically improves your stroke and confidence.
Posted by 0jersey
Member since Sep 2006
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Posted on 6/13/24 at 9:16 pm to
You learn it much better via an instructor.

It has made a massive difference in my putting over the past 2 years.

If you struggle reading greens you won’t regret the class (if you make the commitment to stick with it for the golf season).

I learned from a level 4. I also recommend buying a digital level with percent slope display function so you can calibrate yourself periodically.

(For example I can’t remember a time I had more than 35 putts in a round and have 26-30 putts more often the last two years than all my previous years combined.)
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Posted by RawDog7984
Member since Oct 2019
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Posted on 6/14/24 at 5:13 am to
Rob taught me aim point. He’s legit and it’s not difficult to learn. You’ll quickly realize why most people on tour are using it now and it takes away the guessing game.
Posted by CoachChappy
Member since May 2013
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Posted on 6/14/24 at 7:15 am to
I’ve always wanted to dive down this rabbit hole, but I’m a good putter for an amateur. I’m worried it’ll mess me up more than help.
Posted by Bawpaw
Member since May 2021
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Posted on 6/14/24 at 7:45 am to
Same here.
Posted by PureBlood
The Motherland
Member since Oct 2021
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Posted on 6/14/24 at 7:51 am to

m a good putter for an amateur.

I'd argue that it would improve your putting. Most people suck at putting (myself included) because we have a hard time hitting the line that we pick. If you're good at hitting the line, then Aimpoint will only help you with "challenging" putts.

I tried it and my issue is, I play on public courses in SELA and the green speed varies greatly from green to green. Some can be fast, and some can be slow and so finding how far to hold my fingers out really varied. If I played on good greens consistently, I'd absolutely implement this.
Posted by canthandle
Member since Mar 2012
94 posts
Posted on 6/14/24 at 9:55 am to
Good to hear. I'll book a lesson and make the drive.
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