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This is all you need to know about this year’s basketball team.

Posted on 11/28/23 at 7:13 pm
Posted by Rjlebla
Member since Jan 2014
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Posted on 11/28/23 at 7:13 pm
This is them in a nutshell. The sequence right before half with 1:02 left, Jalen Reed misses yet another dunk in consecutive games where he underestimates how high/far he can jump and gets blocked by the rim. How many times does it take him to learn that a layup counts for the same amount of points?

We end up getting a stop on the other end and call a timeout with 46 seconds left. We try another 3 with 40 seconds left and another brick only nobody gets back on defense and there’s a long outlet for a breakaway posterizing slam dunk and a foul.

Now there’s 33 seconds left and Syracuse has a chance for another possession if we don’t shoot it at the shot clock buzzer. But no, we don’t even get a shot off because Trae Hannibal, the turnover machine, travels with 10 seconds left giving Syracuse plenty of time for a last shot.

I applaud what looks like a team that is at least giving effort. But it’s just wasted with piss poor shot making abilities, turnovers and just low IQ basketball.
Posted by BigRFAjr
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Posted on 11/28/23 at 7:14 pm to
All a direct result of the piss poor coaching they are getting!
Posted by Rjlebla
Member since Jan 2014
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Posted on 11/28/23 at 7:17 pm to
It’s not gonna change. It won’t get better with the roster as is. I don’t know what it would look like if Cook were to get cleared but Williams is just inexperienced and in foul trouble and Hannibal just isn’t the answer. He’s a drive only point guard and won’t/can’t shoot the 3.
Posted by guttata
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Posted on 11/28/23 at 7:22 pm to
1 for 14 from 3 is a pretty good indication of how bad they are at shooting
Posted by ROUSTER
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Posted on 11/28/23 at 7:23 pm to
what's worse is that most are complete bricks.
Posted by BowDownToLSU
Livingston louisiana
Member since Feb 2010
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Posted on 11/28/23 at 7:25 pm to
This is on Woody. He should have stood strong for the General now we are bottom dwellers because he didn’t have the spine to stand up to the NCAA
Posted by TigahTeeth
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Posted on 11/28/23 at 7:35 pm to
These guys are playing their arse off. They’re just not that talented and are poorly coached. Sucks! Because they really seem to want it.
Posted by plance
Baton Rouge
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Posted on 11/28/23 at 7:36 pm to

He’s a out of controldrive only point guard and won’t/can’t shoot the 3.

Posted by TigerOnThe Hill
Springhill, LA
Member since Sep 2008
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Posted on 11/28/23 at 7:42 pm to
I can't make myself watch anymore of this game. Watched the last min of the 1st half you just described, seeing LSU made a couple of stupid mistakes a grade school team shouldn't make. Turned it to a different channel, but came back in the 2nd half in time to see LSU blow a 3 on 1 fast break by not passing ahead to a guy standing by himself in the paint. No defense, poor shot selection, allowing wide open 3's, substandard ball handling. I could go on, but I can't stand to see more. I may give LSU men's BB a second chance later in the season, but I'm done watching them for a while. I like basketball, but it's just to painful to watch this.
Posted by PureMetairie
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Posted on 11/28/23 at 7:48 pm to
Meanwhile McNeese is on the road at UAB with a lead and already owns a win over VCU.
Posted by double d
Amarillo by morning
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Posted on 11/28/23 at 7:52 pm to
Watching Baylor-Nicholls and the Colonels are down 25 at half. How did NSU beat the Tigers?
Posted by Giantkiller
the internet.
Member since Sep 2007
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Posted on 11/28/23 at 7:56 pm to
All I know is that we had a coach who was turning the corner and we’re too cowardly to stand with him. So now we will have a shite team until we shitcan this coach and possibly have to shitcan the next while we spiral into mediocrity.

The tigers didn’t do right by Will Wade and now we must suffer.
Posted by Blast and Laugh
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Posted on 11/28/23 at 7:59 pm to
Two years of unwatchable play. Can’t even enjoy men’s basketball. It’s just not enjoyable to sit there and watch your favorite team get drummed. So again this year, I had to turn it off and go do something else.
Posted by Rolo182
Member since Nov 2021
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Posted on 11/28/23 at 8:02 pm to
They are awful. Idk…maybe recruit some dudes that can shoot the f-ing basketball!!!
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Posted by tigerfoot
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Posted on 11/28/23 at 8:41 pm to

Sucks! Because they really seem to want it.
no they ducking don’t. If the did they would move and quit reaching. They would rebound. They would do basic shite.

Screw em. That second half was as poor as I’ve ever seen
Posted by Lsutigerturner
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Posted on 11/28/23 at 8:42 pm to
Do we have to wait a decade like Arkansas until we can higher wade back? Or is 2 years long enough
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