Prior to the kickoff on Saturday, Ole Miss head coach Lane Kiffin exchanged words with some Tulane players before being separated...
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Ole Miss won 37-20.

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CanebreakCajun6 months
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StadiumDormNEZ726 months
"...before being separated"? FFS, he said... (something?), then pointed and quickly turned and jogged away. Such bravery in the line of fire!!!
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SwampyWaters6 months
Kiffin needs to grow up and quit acting like he's 10!
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lsuhou746 months
??? Why are we looking at this???
user avatar
BRgetthenet6 months
What the hell did I just watch?
user avatar
idlewatcher6 months
A guy pointing.
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Corso6 months
How do you know he didn't say "great game!" from that vid
user avatar
Sevensblue6 months
Grow up kiffen
user avatar
Godfather16 months
Never happen.
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LSU1SLU6 months
This is awful dude
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soccerfüt6 months
Larry Leo Zapruder, this evidence is irrefutable.
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BobABooey6 months
It’s too bad they didn’t video the incident.
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