Vernon Davis Showed Off His Acting Skills By Crying On ESPN & It's EXTREMELY Awkward
Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports
Vernon Davis just announced he was retiring to become an actor a couple of weeks ago. On Thursday's SportsCenter, he was asked to show off some of those acting skills as he prepares to shoot a movie soon. What happened next is the most uncomfortable thing you'll see in a while...
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EulerRules48 months
user avatar
Kracka49 months
sounded and looked like maybe he was doing a remix for Jizz in my pants.
user avatar
Bustedsack49 months
Holy frick.
user avatar
loopback49 months
its not that bad, kinda scary though
user avatar
ExpoTiger49 months
I can’t even bring myself to hit play. That’s how uncomfortable it feels already
user avatar
Goombaw48 months
It's worse than you think.
user avatar
Black n Gold49 months
Is he acting as the Black Zoolander?
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