Urban Meyer Becomes 1 Of 4 Coaches Since 1970 Merger Who Haven’t Finished Their 1st Season
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Whether he knew it or not, Urban Meyer made NFL history early on Thursday morning when he was fired by the Jacksonville Jaguars...
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How about that list?

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tirebiter26 months
Petrino left the Falcons mid-season to return to college coaching. He was a POS, but Urban is behaviorally much worse and will never coach again even accounting for Petrino's side piece in the Arkie athletic dept who was involved in the motorcycle incident.
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Giantkiller26 months
I'm not so sure about that. Colleges are still familiar with the titles at OSU and UF. You might end up being surprised.
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Clark1426 months
Arkansas got Holtz from the Jets and Petrino from the Falcons, both worked out well at the start but didn't last long. That's our luck.
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TDFreak26 months
So you’re saying Urban’s next stop is Arkansas?
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