Johnny Manziel Showed Up Drunk To Browns Practice Before Final Game
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Mike Silver was on the NFL Network Tuesday morning to reveal some interesting information on Johnny Manziel's final regular season week with the Browns. Apparently he showed up all drunk. Per TheBigLead...

On Wednesday, December 30th, news came out suddenly that Johnny Manziel was in the concussion protocol, and was uncertain to play in the final regular-season game. According to Silver, the Browns lied about that, and Johnny Manziel showed up to practice on that Wednesday drunk. This preceded the “was he or was he not in Vegas” incident complete with blonde wig, and the news that Manziel didn’t report to the stadium for evaluation of the concussion on Sunday morning. (Maybe, just maybe if Silver’s report is correct, it’s because showing up was a charade and Manziel didn’t have an obligation to do so).
You can watch the whole thing here.


The Browns responded strongly to this accusation...

“Johnny Manziel came to our facility on the morning of December 30th and complained of concussion symptoms,” the Browns said in a statement. “He was tested by an independent neurologist and entered the league’s concussion protocol. He remained in the protocol until January 12th after being cleared by the independent neurologist.”
Silver then responded again to the report and the Browns response...

Silver addressed his report and the Browns’ response in some follow-up tweets on Twitter.

“I’ve been told by multiple sources that Manziel showed up late to the team facility for a meeting & noticeably drunk on Wednesday, Dec. 30. He was later placed in the concussion protocol & sent home. I am not a doctor & thus cannot presume to question the diagnosis of an independent neurologist or any medical professional… I do not have direct knowledge of what Manziel may have told the doctor or doctors who evaluated him, or what might have been suggested. If the Browns say they did not lie about Manziel’s diagnosis, I will take them at their word, and I regret using that term (“lied”). I stand by my original report that Manziel showed up drunk at practice & that witnesses believed this was the cause of his ‘behavior.’ This will be my last comment on the subject, pending further reporting,” Silver said on Twitter.
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user avatar
Martini98 months
And Johnny Douchebag isn't Joe Willie Namath.
user avatar
SECdragonmaster98 months
Larry's last Manziel story is like saying "this is Kate Upton's last cupcake".

Won't happen.
user avatar
atltiger648798 months
it's one thing to engage in this behavior if you're a superstar who produces on the field (teams will cut you a lot of slack), but for a guy whose future is uncertain, you'd think he would straighten up. Really pathetic.
user avatar
FishFearMe98 months
"Possibly my last Manziel story?"

Not as long as you can squeeze another nickel out.

Nobody gaf. Joe Namath PLAYED GAMES drunk.
user avatar
Lsu10120598 months
Dude needs some real help.

It's one thing to like to party, but to show up to a practice drunk for a team that pays you millions of dollars. That's a whole different level.
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