Here Are Urban Meyer’s NFL Salary Demands
Joe Maiorana-USA TODAY Sports

It sounds like Urban Meyer is ready to take the leap to the NFL, but for the right price...

A league source tells PFT that Meyer is looking for $12 million per year.

That’s not a crazy number, given the manner in which the market is going. The Panthers gave Matt Rhule nearly $9 million per year when he made the jump from Baylor to Carolina last year. And plenty of NFL coaches are getting paid in the eight figures annually.
Think he'll do it?
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He would be doing more to earn his 12 million paycheck than Roger Goddell does to get his paycheck. Not including perks such as Goddell has a private jet as his beckon call to transport him and his family anywhere they want to go anytime.
Reply3 months
12 million for a new heart seems to be the going rate these days
Reply3 months
After one season of arse whippings he will develop esophageal spasms and return to broadcasting until the Notre Dame job opens up.
Reply3 months
^This post...hammer drove the nail.
3 months
He is,along with bron bron,the 2 BIGGEST Frontrunners in Sport's history.If you REALLY think that Pinnochio is going to go anywhere and attempt to Coach again and NOT have ,by far, the best talent of anyone he plays save maybe 1 outfit?...Forget that idea for starters. meyer in the NFL?...What a joke...
Reply3 months
Can you repeat that in English please, I forgot my Rosetta Stone at my house.
3 months
Jesus Christ friend, I'd like to make the auto correct excuse for you on this one. But I think in all actuality you're an illiterate real life Cousin Balky Bartacomos.
3 months
I'd laugh my arse off if he could succeed in the NFL, while Lil Nicky couldn't.
Reply3 months
That tells me he really doesn't want to coach and his heart's not in it. He's just doing it for the cash grab.
Reply3 months
His heart and migraines have healed.
Reply3 months
guess his "health" can tolerate mega millions....funny how THAT happens
Reply3 months
You either want to coach or you don't. wtf is the lifestyle difference between 12 million and 8 million/yr for a guy who is already a millionaire? Hope he is a complete bust wherever he lands.
Reply3 months
Maybe he wants to see how he can do in the NFL, the brass ring, instead of at the college level.
3 months
The counter argument is, what is the difference between spending 8 or 12 million of you're an owner of an NFL Team. Thats a CB3/rotation defensive tackle cost.
3 months
4 mil is nothing when it comes down to how much revenue a good NFL team will generate for the local economy.
3 months
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