If Tom Brady ever asks you to play dodgeball with his family, this is the madness you're getting into...

Typical way to finish the day in the Brady house! #theresnocryingindodgeball
Rules -
1.face shots count crying 3. Boys vs girls always! #LFG

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Gumbo173 months
Striped shirt girl was throwing some heat!
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Placebeaux73 months
That was like a combination of the dodgeball scene in Billy Madison and the snowball fight scene in Dumb and Dumber.
user avatar
radicalizedtigah73 months
Brady could be arrested for distribution of crack. Wow.
user avatar
Geauxmbo73 months
Ol man kidnappin Giselle
user avatar
BobABooey73 months
RA’d for male buttcrack.
user avatar
DaleGribblesMower73 months
Why is there a black girl there?
user avatar
Royal Tiger Fan73 months
That’s his niece
user avatar
YStar73 months
Why are you obsessed with that?
user avatar
ColoBama73 months
She might be token Indian (?)
user avatar
TriDitty73 months
I sure don't remember anyone aiming for the feet at my high school! Kids these days miss out on so much:)
user avatar
Bucktail173 months
Black chick has a cannon.
user avatar
PortHudsonPlaya73 months
I was about to type that exact same thing
user avatar
Jcorye173 months
The video below said she's got a scholarship to play softball at UCLA.
user avatar
Giantkiller73 months
Good thing she didn't connect or Tom would be headed to the DL.
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