The Look On Teddy Bruschi’s Face When Stephen A. Smith Messes Up Is Amazing
Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports
If you're not a fan of Stephen A. Smith, you're really going to enjoy this. While discussing tonight’s Chargers vs. Chiefs game on ESPN Thursday, Smith dropped these points that weren't true. Per The Spun...

The Chargers play in Los Angeles now, not San Diego
Spencer Ware isn’t playing
Hunter Henry hasn’t played all season
Derrick Johnson doesn’t play for the Chiefs

And this was the look on his colleague's faces when he did this...
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The look on Teddy Bruschi’s face! Hahaha...

(The Spun)
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LSU Wayne67 months
I am loud so I am always right and I must always be liked by everyone otherwise you be racist
user avatar
dagrippa67 months
i laughed out loud
user avatar
Gumbo167 months
Stephen A Smith is a moron that makes himself look smarter by studying a thesaurus. He doesn't use normal everyday words and uses obscure synonyms that people rarely use to impress others. He has a very punchable face to boot. Just sayin'
user avatar
Racist dipshit
user avatar
lsudemon5267 months
Can't stand him!
user avatar
Skinny67 months
Im a baaaad man! I making 3 million dollars a year to talk to out of my butt hole loudly. So life is pretty good for one Stephen A.
user avatar
jsmoove67 months
Name dropped one too many times there, Steve.
user avatar
TexasAg1367 months
His black privilege is keeping him employed
user avatar
Why hasn't ESPN fired and diSmithed him yet?
user avatar
BEATbama0567 months
Do I need to say it?
user avatar
bengalman67 months
Wasting Air!
user avatar
surgicalvenom67 months
If ESPN wasn't so devoted to the NBA this guy would be gone. Does anyone even like his act?
user avatar
tirebiter67 months
He's worse than Finebum, refuse to watch anything with him.
user avatar
pellietigersaint67 months
he should lose his job. I'm not joking. Thats a basic fundamental. he just shows up. he's a loudmouth clown. period
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