Last week Michael Irvin had a little fun with Steve Smith Sr. and his outfit on NFL Network, making fun of his pants. Smith was not having it and was ready to put the beat down on Irvin. On Thursday, Michael made this apologetic video about the whole thing, but to me this is him begging for his life...
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I don't think this saved his life.
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Drizzt77 months
Steve Smith is psycho. Mike should be scared.
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Gumbo178 months
He skurred.
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SelaTiger78 months
He’d probably whip Steve’s arse after a line of coke.
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Shingo78 months
The Playmaker would absolutely beat the shite out of Steve Smith the 6th or whatever he calls himself in his last few games
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RileyTime78 months
Michael Irvin is not scared of Steve Smith, that’s just ridiculous to think.
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Amazing Moves78 months
Irvin grew up as the 15th of 17 siblings in a one-story brick house, where cereal was served with water and five brothers shared his bed. He has 8 brothers total. Steve would die.
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R1178 months
THAT subtle laugh at the end really sealed the deal of sincerity.
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wizziko78 months
Irving has such an awesome laugh
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steve12378 months
Really no need for the guy to apologize. Smith just being a huge douche as usual. The guy has had anger problems his whole career with teammates and opponents. So glad the guy never won a ring.
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Mr. Hangover78 months
Michael Irvin buys his suits from bitchmade. com
user avatar
NYCAuburn78 months
striped shirt with plaid suit...
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