Katherine Webb & A.J. McCarron Unveil Their 'Baywatch' Halloween Costumes
John David Mercer-USA TODAY Sports
Katherine Webb teased us about her Halloween costume yesterday. Today, she revealed what her and her husband, Texans QB A.J. McCarron, look like as Baywatch lifeguards...

Got this homebody out of the house last night for @deshaunwatson Halloween party Loved channeling babe Carmen Electra for this fit #baywatch #texans #halloweencostume

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ncinthenext352 months
She makes me want to drown
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ROPO52 months
She must be so pissed that AJ was just not good enough. I can't see her settling for life in the suburbs in a $350K sheetrock mcmansion.
user avatar
NPComb52 months
Dude says he squats 600 lbs... riggghhttt!
user avatar
AU937752 months
AJ outkicked his coverage so far that he lapped himself.
user avatar
Doctor Strangelove52 months
That boy has chicken legs
user avatar
arseinclarse52 months
Why is she wearing stockings?
user avatar
John Gotti52 months
Maybe it's cold in Houston?
user avatar
Trumansfangs52 months
Nice apartment, btw who painted that wall up over her left shoulder ?
user avatar
Placebeaux52 months
David Chesttatthoff and Pamela Propbabyson
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