Jay Glazer Says Deshaun Watson Tried to Settle With All 22 Women For a Dolphins Trade
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On the Thursday Night Football pregame show, insider Jay Glazer revealed that the Dolphins were prepared to meet the Texans huge pricetag for QB Deshaun Watson on the condition that he settle all 22 women who are suing him...
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SoFla Tideroller29 months
Steven Ross is an idiot
user avatar
TwoDatBait29 months
Really wish Carolina would have gotten him and then he gets kicked out the league… with panthers now out all draft capital…
user avatar
Datbayoubengal29 months
Some of yall are F-ing stupid. These women got paid for "extra help", and now some sleazy lawyer found out and got in touch with every one of them for pay days". Hell one of the women were mad because he promised to get them a birthday gift and didn't. These dudes continue to let their lower head make decisions for then. Back in the day women would take the money and shut up, that doesn't happen now. You can't pay women off to be quiet because they know public opinion and law is on their side. It's not even "young and dumb" it's just dumb from these men.
user avatar
diat15029 months
You are dumb.
user avatar
arcalades29 months
a condescending smart person doesn't say yall.
user avatar
Blutarsky29 months
Who is worse? Watson or Guice?
user avatar
TheRouxGuru29 months
This is all just a money grab… holy shite what a terrible situation
user avatar
Spelt it rong29 months
Unless he actually assaulted them.
user avatar
Wallace Ritchie29 months
Assault used to actually mean something
user avatar
NPComb29 months
Who dat is, dat just dat baby deddy!
user avatar
saints502129 months
Imagine giving up 3 first round picks for a guy that has 22 fricking lawsuits against him for sexual harassment in the #metoo era.
user avatar
Florida22529 months
Imagine jacking someone off against your will then going to see them again.
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