Jay Cutler Was Slinging Beers Down In The French Quarter On Sunday
Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports
Former NFL QB Jay Cutler was down in the Bench Quarter on Sunday bartending...

Jay Cutler offered both lime and salt. Went with the lime. #DosEquis

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Only Larry Leo calls the FQ the “Bench Quarter”. Stay mediocre Larry!
Reply21 months
That time they ran the trick play and ya boy stood there like he was waiting on some old lady writing a check at the checkout in Rouses.
Reply21 months
Cutler to New Orleans Saints confirmed!
Reply21 months
Anchored down that lime doe
Reply21 months
Jay fits right in...
Reply21 months
If Dos Equis wanted to start a new campaign with Least Interesting Man in the World, Cutler would be a great candidate.
Reply21 months
Was Kristen there? My #1!
Reply21 months
Whitney #1 Kristen #2
21 months
Could have gone all day without seeing that...
Reply21 months
I didn't expect to see the QB wearing a metrosexual hipster jacket sweater.
Reply21 months
I'm sure his wife dresses him. Knock his career and her reality TV celebrity but even their biggest haters have to give them credit for the lengths they take to keep their kids off limits to the cameras. As a Bears fan (& Jay non-hater) both the show and stuff like this isn't surprising. Between him throwing his body all over the field, his bromances with 15 & 88, and the national TV "Tell Mike F*** You" he endeared himself to the fanbase. *It also helps not being subjected to Buck and Aikman's uninformed hit job during the 2010 NFCCG. I was in the stands and the blame clearly belonged on the coaching/Todd Collins, not Jay or Hanie.
21 months
I'm really not sure what I'm supposed to be looking at that is important.
Reply21 months
Dat lime placement.
Reply21 months
Jay always has that laid back dgaf look.
Reply21 months
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