Jacksonville Jaguars Have Traded QB Gardner Minshew
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The Jacksonville Jaguars have traded QB Gardner Minshew and his beautiful head of hair to Philly...
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CanebreakCajun30 months
I dont know if this guy will ever be a starter, but his work ethic and attitude will probably give him a 10 year career as a backup and he'll retire with 25 million in the bank.
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Doby30 months
GM and owners forcing/pressuring Meyer to start Lawrence? Sunshine is going to struggle a bit.
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Jabontik30 months
big mistake. Now they have to rely on the first girl to ever play professional football. And if something happens to her, what then? And what about her time of the month, will she still be able to compete with all those emotions? Lots of questions now
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Nosevens30 months
Philly dumping Mullens is smart , the man cannot play pro ball
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TigerLord202030 months
Hmmm I think I know a team that would have been a good fit
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Breauxsif30 months
Just wait till Lawrence shits the bed in the regular season. Dumb move
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