In Today's Johnny Manziel News: He Claims To Be Victim Of Hit & Run
Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports
According to TMZ, Johnny Manziel claims his Nissan GTR sustained some damage this week after being T-boned during a hit and run...

The Dallas PD is now saying they DO have a report from Manziel -- though it's unclear when the report was filed.

Cops say the accident occurred Monday night -- and Manziel claims he has a witness from his car and an impartial witness who can corroborate his story.

Manziel's rep says the QB hit his head in the crash -- but did not suffer a concussion or any other major injury.
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kjanchild94 months
with all the cameras, we will know if he is lying soon!
user avatar
SG_Geaux94 months
OH THANK GOD. I was wondering what Johnny NoFootball was up to. It's been ages since we have had any news.
user avatar
OzChuffnugg94 months
Hit and run? More like drunk driving. Dumb arse probably hit something and now is claiming he is the victim.
user avatar
theBru94 months
Wow, hadn't heard any JFF stories in over a week...wasn't missing him, either...
user avatar
BobABooey94 months
As Larry drove off, he was heard to say: Straight up now tell me Do you really want to love me forever oh oh oh Or am I caught in a hit and run?
user avatar
Ignignot94 months
the QB didn't hit his head, because you actually have to be playing football to be a QB, and he doesn't do that anymore
user avatar
BenDover94 months
Hope they don't pay up, just like he didn't pay when he wrecked a rented car
user avatar
earl keese94 months
I agree with you BenDover. What goes around, comes around.
user avatar
LOL94 months
hired hit
user avatar
SECdragonmaster94 months
JM is a victim. I thought i had heard everything until this.
user avatar
tipup94 months
Why does the picture show him with a football? It should show him with a beer and maybe a cocaine straw.
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