Here's A Look At Giants DE Jason Pierre-Paul's Mangled Hand
Noah K. Murray-USA TODAY Sports
New York Giants DE Jason Pierre-Paul finally returned to practice on Thursday after a fireworks-related injury to his finger last July. When meeting with the media on Friday for the first time since the accident, Jason gave reporters their first look at his mangled hand...
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He told Newsday...

"I wasn't in shock," Pierre-Paul said about the moment of explosion. "I looked at my hand. My fiancée was going crazy, but I kept calm through whole situation.

"It wasn't frightening at all. I'm not going to go into the details. It happened. I've lived and learned."
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abellsujr103 months
Looks kind of like a ninja turtle hand.
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MeetTheFarkers504103 months
What kind of fireworks did he have....?
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WithaRebelYell104 months
My germs!
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peaster68104 months
Use your strong hand.
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NorthGwinnettTiger104 months
Fiance is gonna get one helluva fingerbang.
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Gumbo1104 months
"What's a Brazil nut"

Literal description is: LINK

I think HeadSlash was being racist and referring to another slang term related to Brazil nut... GOOGLE "brazil nut slang" Perjorative slang for brazil nuts.
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djangochained104 months
What's a Brazil nut
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JakeFromStateFarm104 months
Hey Jason! High five!!, high three and a half?
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Champagne104 months
His right hand is destroyed. He can't grip anything with it. He won't be able to grip any football carrier with that right hand. The index finger is completely gone. The middle finger is missing the tip. The thumb's ligaments and tendons are gone, so, his thumb doesn't function as a normal thumb. It's no longer an opposable thumb. His hand no longer functions as the normal human hand functions, i.e. with an opposable thumb. The NY Giants are wasting their money with him.
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HeadSlash104 months
Brazil nuts
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UserName69104 months
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