Fight Broke Out Among Fans At Browns Vs. Bengals Game
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Even with the game at 10% capacity last night, Browns and Bengals fans found a way to to still fight in the stands...
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FaCubeItches41 months
"Our team sucks worse!" "Screw you, buddy, OUR team sucks worse!" "You take that back!"
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FullFontE41 months
But but but, the Rona?!
user avatar
soccerfüt41 months
I’ll fight anyone to get the frick out of Cleveland.
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caliegeaux41 months
More impressed with 24 not spilling a drop of brew haha.
user avatar
mametoo41 months
At $15 a pop, it has priority.
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lsuohiofan41 months
200 fans and you had to had the 150 drunk ones. great job!
user avatar
BobABooey41 months
Drunk Lives Madder
user avatar
Fightin Okra41 months
Cleveland going to Cleveland
user avatar
UTprideofTX41 months
NFL fans are the worst. Drunk degenerates raised by wolves.
user avatar
TaderSalad41 months
They deserve all the degenerates currently playing as well.
user avatar
BigTimer2341 months
Yeah thank God LSU fans aren’t a drinking bunch
user avatar
TheWalrus41 months
Went to a Bears game last year, it was awful
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