Eli Manning Revealed Why He Refused To Play For Chargers
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To refresh your memory, Eli Manning wasn't drafted by the New York Giants in the 2004 NFL Draft. Instead he was the No. 1 overall pick of the San Diego Chargers, a team for whom he never played for. He then was traded to the Giants after he told the Chargers that he would sit out for the entire 2004 season. During a recent interview on 10 Questions with Kyle Brandt, Eli finally revealed why he refused to play in San Diego...

“It was my decision having talked with my agent, coaches, [general managers] and owners,” Manning said. “Going through the draft process, I was just worried about the Chargers organization at the time. I felt it was the right decision and I had a little pull. I quietly tried to say ‘Hey, please don’t draft me, it can be our secret,’ and they didn’t keep the secret part very well.”

“It wasn’t my Dad. He was trying to take the heat off of me, he knew I was going to get criticized,” Manning said. “After that, the Chargers turned it around, they got Shawne Merriman, then Drew Brees started playing great, then Philip (Rivers) started playing great, they went to AFC Championship games, they’re making playoffs and turned things around.”
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prplhze200029 months
Can't say i blame him. Archie took a beating playing for a crap franchise where the owner would sell good players for cash.
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cbree8829 months
Jokes on him. San Diego is on of the absolute best places in the country to live. Way better than fricking New York or New Jersey.
user avatar
Revorising29 months
Chargers watch Eli win 2 and Drew Brees win 1 Super Bowl...... who would have thought.
user avatar
Adam3929 months
But.......he never gave a reason.
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johnnydrama29 months
Larry Leo would never lie to us. Just keep reading it over and over. It must be in there somewhere.
user avatar
Havoc29 months
“ I was just worried about the Chargers organization at the time”. I think he’s trying to be nice.
user avatar
TigerDM29 months
Despite winning 2 supper bowls, I believe that San Diego's record was better over the span of Eli's career
user avatar
TexasAg1329 months
Translation - I'm an entitled daddy's boy who didn't want to play for a tier 2 franchise
user avatar
BobABooey29 months
It was his dad.
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