While everyone and their mother on the planet is dabbing, the Carolina Panthers, mainly Cam Newton, started this whole thing. So it makes sense that they took an official Super Bowl 50 team photo with the entire squad dropping dabs...
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Champagne100 months
Good job, Panths. You got that Dab down like a MF Champ. Now all you gotta do is put da fix to dat Ohh and Two.
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saint tiger225100 months
Lol at some of the coaches. Looks like they're sniffing their armpits.
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Rickety Cricket100 months
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crownNbull100 months
Trai Turner is #70
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DannyB100 months
@ JumpingTheShark....where did Cam touch you?
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JumpingTheShark100 months
Dabbing is fricked out and retarded.
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Fenwick86100 months
Does anyone else find it odd that Roger Goodell and even politicians are playfully condoning a dance move called "dabbing"?
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NorthGwinnettTiger100 months
lol old white coach
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chadr07100 months
Lol #70
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jimbeam100 months
lol 98
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