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When former NFL WR Antonio Brown isn't trying to troll Tom Brady with pics with his about-to-be ex wife Gisele, he's getting sued for selling fugazi watches. This frick'n guy...

Antonio Brown is being dragged to court yet again ... this time, a man in Florida claims the wideout sold him a bogus Richard Mille watch for $160K, fully knowing it was a phony worth far less.

Ryan Kane filed a lawsuit against Brown over it all in Broward County earlier this week ... alleging the NFL star ripped him off on the sale back on July 27.

In the suit, obtained by TMZ Sports, Kane says Brown assured him the watch -- allegedly an RM 011 model -- was real ... and said it had a value "in excess of $400,000."

Kane says he bought it based on Brown's claims -- wiring the $160,000 to Brown's company -- but he learned a few weeks later the thing was a fake.
Kane says after he asked around, he learned that Brown had bought the fake watch -- and three others like it -- from a dealer in Dubai earlier this year for less than $500 apiece.
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user avatar
OweO17 months
Did anyone hear what Ryan Clark said about AB after all the drama he caused when he was at the Raiders? Based on what he said, nothing AB does should surprise anyone.
user avatar
drexyl17 months
Thanks for filling us in
user avatar
beaverfever17 months
If you get outsmarted by Antonio Brown then that’s on you.
user avatar
JackieTreehorn17 months
Lol AB is the most interesting man in the world.
user avatar
BobABooey17 months
I’m really coming around on my opinion of this guy - seems like a good dude.
user avatar
33inNC17 months
Why would anyone do business with him is beyond me. You think his record would speak for itself?
user avatar
cajunmud17 months
AB's about 2 steps from a cell door.
user avatar
Breauxsif17 months
AB keeps it up, he’ll end up in the morgue.
user avatar
phunkatron17 months
Imagine how fricking dumb you have to be to get duped by Antonio Brown
user avatar
HoustonGumbeauxGuy17 months
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