After the Texans beat the undefeated Bengals on Monday night, Houston DE J.J. Watt said his team's defense made the “Red Rifle” (QB Andy Dalton's nickname) look like a “Red Ryder BB Gun”...


Dalton was asked about the comment during his post-game presser...
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Toughen up, kid.
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CarRamrod101 months
It is disappointing how styled your hair is after a disappointing game.
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jmorr34101 months
Yall are talking about having a speech prepared and warranting a response. This is a press conference. He was likely asked by a reporter about Watt's comments although he could have just blew off the question.
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Pectus101 months
Anyone else think Dalton is trolling? Or this is his comeback and people didnt receive it well because he didnt communicate it well?
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ChunkyLover54101 months
Meh, JJ is the bitch of the two. Can't have your cake and eat it too. You want to be Captain America good guy role model, why take shots at people's appearance?
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Brosef Stalin17101 months
Do you think he plays for the bengals strictly because of his orange hair?
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PanhandleTigah101 months
After losing my fantasy matchup last night because of his piss poor performance, I couldn't care less if his feelings got hurt.
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GeeOH101 months
It's pretty pathetic for a guy at his level to have that speech prepared.
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DoubleDown101 months
I just thought the comment was kinda weak. "We came out to make him look like a Red Ryder BB Gun?!"

That was weak as shite. C'mon JJ, you thought all week and that was the best you had?
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Whiznot101 months
Don't cry, Andy. Your Mom still loves you even though you are a whiny bitch.
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Doug_H101 months
I'm not Watt's biggest fan as a person, but c'mon Andy, sack up
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jptiger2009101 months
"gingers have souls"

yeah, but you never really know what they're thinking. You always have to keep you're guard up around red ryders.
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NYCAuburn101 months
gingers have souls
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slinger1317101 months
Watt is a douche but does this really warrant a response from Dalton?
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Too Soon625101 months
Dalton sucks
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