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New Orleans Saints star WR Chris Olave was arrested on Monday after he allegedly drove like a maniac on a street in Louisiana...

According to the Kenner Police Dept., the 23-year-old wide receiver was thrown behind bars after 9 PM. ... and released at 11:30 PM.

A spokesperson for the Kenner Police Dept. said in a statement ... Olave was booked on a charge of reckless operation of a motor vehicle after officers say he was going 70 MPH in a 35 MPH zone in a mixed business/residential area where citizens had complained of people speeding.

In his Dodge Charger, Olave was allegedly "recklessly maneuvering between lanes and around other drivers on the roadway" in addition to traveling at a high rate of speed, according to cops.

Chris' brother, Josh Olave, appeared to comment on the incident in a tweet late Monday night ... writing, "Bro was on the way back to the crib from CVS... aint nun serious."
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user avatar
The Torch8 months
70 mph high rate of speed come on man
user avatar
cadillac75638 months
charger. the jokes write themselves
user avatar
FlyinTiger938 months
That be one fast wide receiver.
user avatar
atltiger64878 months
"Bro was on the way back to the crib from CVS... aint nun serious".. English, please.
user avatar
CanebreakCajun8 months
The idiocracy is here and in full force.
user avatar
lenlews8 months
Sounds like a ghetto puppy.
user avatar
cajunmud8 months
So "reckless operation" you go to jail and "speeding" is just a ticket and you can go? Or is RO what they give you now for speeding in order to squeeze more $$$ out of you...reckless or not?
user avatar
GeauxTigers01078 months
I love how your username accurately describes your brain
user avatar
6R128 months
You'd understand as soon as your friend or family member got smashed by his car at that speed.
user avatar
TFH8 months
On the off chance you are this ignorant, RO applies to speeding a certain amount over the limit. 25 over in my state gets you RO.
user avatar
CajunBullet8 months
He was speeding to attend the required Kneeling Session required by the Saints.
user avatar
whodatfan8 months
hosted by your mom
user avatar
PeleofAnalytics8 months
Seems like this comment got recycled to death more than a year ago. Gotta be something more current.
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