Jim Harbaugh Had Drew Brees Stop By His Daughter’s Career Day
Howard Smith-USA TODAY Sports
If I was a dad at my child's Career Day, I'd hate to follow these two. For his daughter Addison' Career Day, Michigan head coach Jim Harbaugh brought in New Orleans Saints QB Drew Brees to help talk a little shop...
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I don't know how this happens, but what a nice favor that was for Drew to throw down.

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Fight4LSU94 months
Is there actually a connection between Harbaugh and Brees? This seems like a weird combo.
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saint amant steve94 months
frick Michigan.
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BrentED94 months
Brees to Michigan.
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Jizzy0894 months
And so the recruitment of Baylen Brees begins.
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chRxis94 months
i'm sure his fellow Purdue alums love this pic.... everyone decked out in Michigan stuff, and Drew smiling like he won the god damn lottery.... smh
user avatar
Mulerider94 months
Purdue plays football?
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blueboxer111994 months
Was Colin unavailable?
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atltiger648794 months
what, did Brees just happen to be in Ann Arbor?
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