The NFL world was introduced to Saints QB Drew Brees' sons on Sunday. While being interviewed on the sideline during Sunday's Pro Bowl, Brees' sons were just beating the heck out of each other...hahaha...

He was asked about it after the game...

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i Loved it. I saw it live. And i loved how Brees showed what a real dad is supposed to do. He played with them but when the kid disobeyed he got down and one knee and put the fear of god in him. It was great to see a real father show what a real father is supposed to do. Fun is fun ....but discipline is key. Loved it.
Reply21 days
They should be playing a good game of smear the queer. I’ve taught my nephews how to play but I taught them to pronounce it smar the qwar so modern day, chicken excrement, twinkle toed, americans wont get offended.
Reply22 days
How many guns do you own ?
19 days
The liberals hate this toxic masculinity. They rather them pumped full of psychotropic drugs and staring at an iPad
Reply22 days
Future Purdue Boilermakers.
Reply23 days
I was stuck with 2 older sisters. FML
Reply23 days
Did they dress you up in their clothes and put makeup on you? =)
23 days
Baylen. Just take the mother of that child out back and shoot her.
Reply23 days
Social services would be at his house on Monday if the boys acted like boys here in Nova.
Reply23 days
They need to join a wrestling team
Reply23 days
Like Archie and his three boys. Would be eerily amazing if any of them turn out to be as successful at football as Payton or Eli.
Reply23 days
that is 100% how my boys would act in the same scenario.
Reply23 days
Peyton, Eli & Cooper 2.0
Reply23 days
Let’s hope cooper 2.0 stays healthy
23 days
That kid in front looks like a trouble-maker.
Reply23 days
The youngest one is the wild one.
23 days
I would say this brings back fond memories of my childhood, but I was the one getting the shite beat out of him by the other two.
Reply23 days
xD At least you're honest haha
22 days
Don't be the dad that brings his kids to slowpitch league and expects things to run smoothly.
Reply23 days
He named one of his kids Baylen...
Reply23 days
Good job Drew and Mrs. Drew. That's how little boys are supposed to be.
Reply23 days
Ed Zackery
23 days
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