Live in the moment they say. This Virginia Tech fan did exactly that and then immediately thought maybe his double birds would come up in an interview after graduation...
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Flashback21 months
Riveting newsflash!
user avatar
Old Money21 months
user avatar
Dr. Morgus21 months
He knows daddy gonna whoop his arse
user avatar
Skinny21 months
Maaaaa! Meatloaf! Now!
user avatar
Hurricane Mike21 months
I regularly flip off ESPN also
user avatar
1921 months
I will hire him. frick WokESPN.
user avatar
JackieTreehorn21 months
He looks simple.
user avatar
ThatTahoeOverThere21 months
At least he didn’t do the double fist cock gobbler
user avatar
PeleofAnalytics21 months
The consensus way for "edgy" kids and even adults show how anti establishment and unique they are.
user avatar
Mr Boyles21 months
I am soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo offended and outrqaged at this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
user avatar
YardEngr1121 months
Mom musts be so proud. LOL
user avatar
TigerintheNO21 months
Pretty sure he realized his mother was sitting next to him.
user avatar
KAGTASTIC21 months
I don't think future job prospects was what went thru his mind, but embarrassing his family on national TV was probably the #1 thought. I'd give him credit for knowing he did something he shouldn't have...way better than most today that have no clue about basic decorum and get defensive when called out on it. I know in this world of no redemption...I'd still hire the kid.
user avatar
Che Boludo21 months
Yeah, it hit him pretty clearly the moment he realized he was sitting next to his parents.
user avatar
TheRouxGuru21 months
JFC… the shite that goes ‘viral’ these days
user avatar
Between TheHedges21 months
Our society has crumbled and now it’s decaying
user avatar
TheWalrus21 months
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