After UCLA beat USC 35-14, this Bruins fan stood on the Tommy Trojan statue talking smack. She was then greeted with a shellacking of beer and bottles. Check it out...

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WestCoastAg127 months
this is my kind of girl. frick south central
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BuckWrestler141127 months
Who throws glass bottles at a girl (or a guy for that matter)? Wish they showed their faces in the video so they could be charged. Either that girl is fearless or completely blacked out drunk to stay up there through that.
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loweralabamatrojan127 months
Go home, bRuin chick. You're drunk.
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Goose127 months
Respect... she decided to talk shite and owned it. Stood up there and took the backlash and kept smiling. Could she have gotten hurt? Yea... but she seemed fine to me, and has a hell of a story to tell.
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Jizzy08127 months
Gotta say, I kinda admire her for staying up there so long once bottles started being thrown. That's commitment.
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lsutothetop127 months
What kind of shitstain throws a glass bottle? Plastic cups and empty cans are harmless but a bottle could have done some serious damage.
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CarolinaSoCocky127 months
Common sense would tell her to get down.
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BOSCEAUX127 months
Gotta know you can't do that and expect less.

Really, words can't cause major physical damage like a fricking bottle can. Those things were being slung hard as hell. I understand a cup of beer or even an empty can or piss balloon but a full bottle, that's assault.
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SamGinn Cam127 months
I lol'd. Gotta know you can't do that and expect less.
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atltiger6487127 months
it's "beaned" not "beamed".

It comes from baseball, when a pitcher throws at a hitter, it's called a "beanball."
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