Florida State QB Jameis Winston posted this video on Wednesday of himself throwing a pass to himself, not once, but twice. Check it out...

Pretty cool, but can he steal crabs?
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Bduhon55121 months
we used to do this back in high school and film simply throw the football high and behind you or high and to the side where someone catches while at the same time a different person off camera throws a ball downfield for you to catch.
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emanresu121 months
I ,on the other hand, worry about people who think it's fake. He's just throwing it high to maximize X while Y is in decline.
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whit121 months
Yeah that's retarded. He's just throwing it really high.
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chalmetteowl121 months
well he is free the next few weekends...
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Hester Carries121 months
I worry about people who watch this video and cant tell its fake.
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QJenk121 months
I suddenly have the urge to try this out for myself to see if it is real or not
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LSUTigahBait121 months
This is fake. Old trick
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P-Dawg121 months
So not only is he stealing soda in ketchup cups and crab legs from grocers, now he's stealing ideas from youtube. What a jerk.
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Signal Soldier121 months
I can throw a ball really high and run 20 yards and catch it too.
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lsu480121 months
Pretty cool, but can he steal crabs?- idiot
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