USA Today Releases College Football Coaches Largest Buyouts..........
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USA Today released the salaries and buyouts of every college football coach in the country. The buyouts being more interesting. Check out what it would cost to fire the highest paid CFB coaches...

Dabo Swinney, Clemson – $40,000,000
Jimbo Fisher, Florida State – $39,312,500
Nick Saban, Alabama – $26,900,000
Kirk Ferentz, Iowa – $22,537,500
James Franklin, Penn State – $21,858,333
Urban Meyer, Ohio state – $21,345,100
Jim Harbaugh, Michigan – $20,555,556
Tom Herman, Texas – $20,416,667
Lincoln Riley, Oklahoma – $15,041,666
Justin Fuente, Virginia Tech – $15,000,000
Mark Stoops, Kentucky – $14,765,625
Larry Fedora, North Carolina – $14,705,000
Bobby Petrino, Louisville – $13,943,750
Jim McElwain, Florida – $12,916,668
Kirby Smart, Georgia – $10,800,000
Kevin Sumlin, Texas A&M – $10,416,667
Ed Orgeron, LSU – $8,791,667
Willie Taggart, Oregon – $8,150,000
Butch Jones, Tennessee – $8,125,000
Will Muschamp, South Carolina – $7,188,333
Mark Dantonio, Michigan State – $7,000,000
Gus Malzahn, Auburn – $6,898,958
Mike Riley, Nebraska – $6,630,000
Bret Bielema, Arkansas – $5,874,227
Paul Chryst, Wisconsin – $4,000,000
David Beaty, Kansas – $3,000,000
Barry Odom, Missouri – $1,462,500
Matt Luke, Ole Miss – $1,430,000

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TigerOnThe Hill81 months
There's SOOOO much that's wrong here, but the bottom line is what someone else already said: "AD’s are clowns and the agents know it." 4 of top 6 buyouts are for coaches who've won national championships so that's understandable to some degree. But Ferentz at $22.5 million, Tom Herman, Lincoln Riley, Justin Fuentes (all 3 unproven for that kind of money) , Mark Stoops (yeah, very much a "sweetheart" deal for MS and his agent), Larry Fedora (how's that buyout look this year) and Bobby Petrino (he should be happy Louisville took a chance on helping to rebuild his career)??? Plus a $1.4 million buyout for an interim coach (Ole Miss)?? And Alleava's deal w/ Orgeron is still not favorable to LSU. I read elsewhere that CEO has the 28th highest salary, yet he has the 17th highest buyout??
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GumboPot81 months
And all this time I thought O's buyout was $12 million. I guess Alleva's negotiations are not as bad as once thought.
user avatar
Just_Fight_Baby81 months
That's how much his buyout would be in 2017 MINUS his coaching salary for 2017.
user avatar
SG_Geaux81 months
Boy did Mark Stoops get a sweetheart deal or what?
user avatar
Fearless_and_True81 months
I'll take 1/10th of that!
user avatar
Datbayoubengal81 months
Aren't most of these buyouts pretty much the duration of the contract when they are let go? Either way I believe all of them should be cut in half.
user avatar
DVinBR81 months
Dabo $winney
user avatar
tntigger81 months
Hey let’s give our coach a buyout equivalent to 1/3 of our gross revs. Lol. AD’s are clowns and the agents know it. I’m only surprised these figures aren’t bigger.
user avatar
Guess81 months
Not even close. It's closer to 1/10.
user avatar
SECdragonmaster81 months
I see your little number Gus. Its not out of reach for fans who want to win.
user avatar
TheChosenOne81 months
Lincoln Riley getting a $15mil buyout with no HC experience :casty:
user avatar
Hangit81 months
Why Does Coach O have a buyout at all? He would have done it for a million and no buyout. Wheelin' and dealin' Alleva.
user avatar
Lsuchs81 months
Good luck recruiting or hiring coordinators with no buyout at all
user avatar
Hangit81 months
My comment, and the list of coaching buyouts, was not about coordinators.
user avatar
Lsuchs81 months
Coordinators don't want to sign to work under a HC with no buyout whatsoever. They choose their HC and want at least some assurance they will not be under a different one at the first sign of trouble
user avatar
rattlebucket81 months
Out of hand. All of them.
user avatar
Jack Daniel81 months
Why do people keep saying Orgeron has a 12 mill buyout?
user avatar
My guess is that is what it was at the beginning of the contract but goes down with each payment made.
user avatar
Now I see why Jimbo isn't afraid to pick a fight with his students....
user avatar
Bige1181 months
Ole Piss on the board lol
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