Urban Meyer finally admitted the College Football Playoff field needs to be expanded...
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While on this morning's Big Noon Kickoff, Urban Meyer finally admitted the College Football Playoff field needs to be expanded...
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SoFla Tideroller38 months
Yes, let's destroy the only sport where the regular season really matters. By all means let's emulate the NFL or NBA where the regular season has as much excitement as a dentist's convention.
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hankiba38 months
Let's face reality. Trying to configure a perfect or even better playoff system is not likely to achieve the end. Even in a field of 64 plus in the NCAA basketball system, teams feel that they got shanked. Same here. I am ready to return to the bowl system with one change-- untie the bowls from conference ties. Teams and bowls compete to get the best games.
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Thorny38 months
What's the point of expanding them? There are only two good enough teams this year.
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Nix to Twillie38 months
What about next year and then after that?
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StupidBinder38 months
I’m not necessarily in favor of expansion, but this isn’t a great argument. We’ve had a few four seeds win the CFP
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HonoraryCoonass38 months
The Bowl games will adapt by moving to the BEGINNING of the season.
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Bige1138 months
-5 power 5 champs (unless not ranked in top 25) -2 at large -highest ranked mid major if in top 20
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JohnnyU38 months
No shite. It's obvious to everyone. Quibble about the details. The six P6 champions (if they're ranked in the Top 10). The highest ranked G5 team and two at large selections. The lowest seeded teams have a play-in game for the final 8.
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FatDawg38 months
There are only five Power 5 conferences, not six. So you would not need to play-in game. If you are a fan of the AAC and are considering it as a Power conference I disagree, but I am not here to argue the point. But in that case you should say highest ranked G4 team.
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Yeti_Chaser38 months
Not really. There's rarely more than 3 teams who have a claim to #1. This year is no exception. We can argue over Florida, aggy, and OSU on who should be #4 but no one honestly thinks any of those teams could stay on the same field as clemson and Bama right now
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