As the SEC gets ready to welcome Texas with open arms, one Big 12 school is excited for their departure. During a recent interview with 365 Sports, Iowa State athletic director Jamie Pollard said he "can't wait" for Texas to leave the Big 12...
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Datbayoubengal12 months
Texas will realize they can't play that bully shite in the SEC.
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caliegeaux12 months
i think we are going to regret taking their scraps. too late to back out?
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grizzlylongcut12 months
We don't want em here either.
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LSUNV12 months
Texas has never had to compete with Bama. They gonna throw a fit when they do
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PureBlood12 months
Not sure if you know any Texas fans, but they are one delusional fan base. They think they're going to dominate in the SEC immediately. :bahahahahahaha:
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double d12 months
He ain't wrong. The SEC can have fun with the Horns.
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