Over the weekend a video emerged of a Texas Tech student blindsiding a Texas player as fans rushed the field after the Red Raiders upset the Longhorns. The university has released a statement on the matter...
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Did hims push da wittle player in the back?
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ColoradoElkHerd21 months
They t
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Trauma1421 months
Start by looking at TTU students that scrubbed their social media on Sunday around the time this went viral.
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KAGTASTIC21 months
If that's the best shot they got of the kid, it's going to be hard to pin it on someone specifically. Unless the kid decides to open his mouth or maybe they saved the jersey and can get fingerprints off of it. I'd just say I tripped on the turf and it helped me stay up.
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Bmath21 months
I recommend that Texas Tech PD contact Kool Aid regarding the whereabouts of their longtime spokesperson.
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LSUHobNailBoot21 months
Looks like Jim Jones.
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DownSouthCrawfish21 months
Don’t snitch
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Jaydeaux21 months
Rush the field, have fun, if you’re feeling it square up. Don’t be that vagina that shoves a guy that’s not looking. What a douche
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Lutcher Lad21 months
This is wrong...PERIOD! Shouldn't be any "what if" comparisons of totally unrelated scenarios. Identify the coward & let the world know who the little turd is!
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diat15021 months
and yet if the athlete had raped a girl they more than likely would be trying to help cover it up. lmao
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ncinthenext321 months
He's gonna get caught.
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