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UCLA deciding to join the Big Ten came as a shock to a lot of people, but according to a Los Angeles Times report, the Bruins were looking at the likely possibility of cutting almost half of its sports programs if they stayed in the Pac-12...

"Given its perilous athletic department finances, UCLA faced the prospect of cutting sports had the school not agreed to bolt for the Big Ten Conference," writes Ben Bolch, via

He added, "The timing isn’t certain and the number of teams that would have been affected isn’t known, but the Bruins were headed toward an Olympic sports Armageddon without the infusion of cash that will accompany its departure from the Pac-12 Conference in 2024."
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CanebreakCajun20 months
No one cares about college football in California. Big HellA market, congrats, you added 50,000 people who actually watch college football.
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TeddyPadillac20 months
but bringing these LA schools to the BIG10 is going to bring so much money b/c of LA viewership, right, the same LA fan base that is so pathetic UCLA can't even break even, much less make money like every school in the south does.
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KAGTASTIC20 months
Wait...I thought schools were making millions in profits off the back of their student-athletes? I wonder if this kind of thing will get schools to have athletes with nil deals to pay their own way off the back of the athletic name the school has built.
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Datbayoubengal20 months
Bro, it's UCLA, not Alabama or Ohio St.
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Bourre20 months
Lol, UCLA is poor
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rbtgoodson20 months
It won't save them, and if anything, they should have temporarily cut the programs to make the department leaner.
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roguetiger1520 months
In California paying medical benefits for illegals holds precedence over investing in our successful, hard working, aspiring young citizens
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JackieTreehorn20 months
Yet another mismanaged, crumbling California organization. What a shite hole.
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