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Peyton Manning has talked to the media about his nephew, Arch Manning, committing to Texas to play football. He also shared some of the advice he gave him...
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TouchdownTony20 months
"whatever you do, don't go to Ole Miss"

Seriously, Archie and Olivia grew up in rural MS and are good folks. They raised the kids good. They are anything but New Orleans. Actually surprised they stayed there.
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GeauxTigers010720 months
Lol @ ya boy wearing his sunglasses down on his nose while he's inside. Keep workin' playa.
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BigWillyMetry20 months
As a Newman grad in super proud of Arch and the Manning family. They are New Orleans royalty.
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DoubleDown20 months
Which is weird cause it seems like they hate it. Not one of them went to a local school, etc.
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SelaTiger20 months
People would have more respect for Peyton if he would have shaken hands with Brees after the SB.
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OchoDedos20 months
Wtf cares what the Mannings do or don't do. They're like parasites that take from New Orleans, and Louisiana, but never have given anything back.
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grizzlylongcut20 months
Wtf are you talking about? Of all the POS that inhabit New Orleans, you choose to talk shite about the Mannings?
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eddieray20 months
The Mannings are awesome. It’s cute watching posters try to manufacture hate for them.
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PenguinPubes20 months
Quit sharing manning related stuff

None of the are affiliated with lsu
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saintsfan2220 months
3 useless Manning stories in the last 5
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DeafVallyBatnR20 months
Everything he just said. I think Arch might be a little overrated because of his last name. But, lets be honest he handled this very well. Manning Family is all Class.
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tucoco20 months
Yeah, they really are all class, Archie raised his sons really well. But like he said 100% of the credit goes to his wife, Mrs. Manning! One thing I agree with Peyton about is being that I'm old school myself, I'm not a fan of the "hat thing" myself. But I understand every generation isn't the same, and so things change!
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