Paul Finebaum was looking to start a fight on ESPN on Monday. The college football analyst appeared on ESPN’s College Football Live saying...

“Right now, repeat after me, read my lips: the Big Ten is the best conference in college football,”
Former LSU Tiger Marcus Spears strongly disagreed. Click the tweet below to watch the video...
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ShlikStyck93 months
doesn't he work for the SEC network? That aint gonna keep him around
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Mr. Shankly93 months
I don't listen to PF anymore. I did last year but his act is old and's all about "shock" value with his statements.
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Mouche33793 months
This is exactly why I don't listen to or watch his show. He's always been a huge Bama fan, and after Saban blasted him on live TV and during the commercial break, he's anti-SEC. If he thinks comments like this will make me watch or listen to his show, he should try alot harder.
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Parrish93 months
Paul's check must have bounced.
user avatar
surgicalvenom93 months
North Dakota State is the best team in the Big 10
user avatar
comalking93 months
Shut up Gollum
user avatar
DoubleDown93 months
Mainly because Alabama = The SEC this year, yea.
user avatar
BabyTac93 months
Well if anyone has seen any games this year it damn sure ain't the SEC.
user avatar
Dr RC93 months
Pawl knows how to fix sagging ratings.
user avatar
Doug Masters93 months
Listen to me Pawl, put down the crack pipe.
user avatar
tigahland93 months
Finebaum is the worst sports analyst in the country
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