PAC-12 Coach Predicts ACC, BIG 12 & SEC Will Cancel Seasons 'In Due Time'
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Washington head coach Jimmy Lake thinks the BIG 10 and PAC-12 won't be the only Power 5 conferences to cancel their seasons...

Do you agree?

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Never heard of this guy....he’s a D1 head coach?
Reply22 days
Depends on player demands and bargaining. Forces are doing everything imaginable to unionize college sports. It’ll never work and these people are to economically stupid to see it.
Reply1 month
Pacifier 12 and Little 10 snowflake dim libs have "no chest". I hope they cancel all their sports for next year also. GEAUX TIGERS
Reply1 month
Another liberal Pacific Northwest snowflake that is miserable with his own life so he wishes misery on everybody else.
Reply1 month
So, he wants to be the guy who told you so If season is to start Sept 26, there is no need to cancel it at this point. Modify the schedule and see what happens as you get closer to Sept 26
Reply1 month
No one cares what the pac 12 days concerning any sport. They are wholly and completely irrelevant.
Reply1 month
If his guess work is similar to his win streak, we are in good shape
Reply1 month
PAC12. Nothing there.
Reply1 month
All SEC states (maybe not KY) are beyond their peaks. In 5 weeks it'll be even better. SEC won't have any issues. Similar situation for ACC and BIG12.
Reply1 month
It has nothing to do with China Virus. That’s a front. It’s all about players trying to leverage for revenue sharing.
1 month
Yes he wants a cancelation because the Huskies have nothing to play for
Reply1 month
Cancel based on what exactly? It just means more (TM) down here, Jimmy.
Reply1 month
Not according to the ticket office!
Reply1 month
We don't reside in liberal lala land where we fear a virus that only kills 0.01% of the people it infects. I hope so at least.
Reply1 month
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