Here's What A 16-Team College Football Playoff Would Look Like
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Could you imagine...?
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PistolPete742 months
I have all conferences getting one bid and conferences with 14 or more teams getting 2. I have the same idea for the bowls. Bama vs UTSA USC vs Iowa State Florida vs BYU Ohio St vs San Jose Cinn vs Northwestern Clemson vs Buffalo A&M vs Costal Carolina ND vs Marshall
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Simplemaaan42 months
Let’s do this.
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LSUDVM199942 months
I would take #12 Indiana over #5 A&M
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FLTech42 months
This is perfect.. get rid of the cup cakes and shorten the season and make this happen. No neutral sites either. True home/away games
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CanebreakCajun42 months
4 is fine. Last years 5 got blown out and this years 4 wont belong there.
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SECdragonmaster42 months
That would be awesome and would result in the first legit "Championship" in NCAA football.
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RogerTempleton42 months
Anything more than 8 would be too diluted.
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Theboot3242 months
I used to think that as well, but these games look awesome, I’d 100% support this
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kciDAtaE42 months
#17 got robbed.
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jbird742 months
Yup. That’s exactly what a 16 team playoff would lead to.
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Cowboyfan8942 months
There is a more compelling argument to be made regarding #5 being excluded than #17. Chances are, if you are #17, you have a few losses or are a G5 school that doesn't quite have the resume.
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