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Everyone is anticipating Urban Meyer becoming USC's new coach after this season. One person in particular is his former ESPN colleague Mark May, who believes it’s basically a done deal. And he says that his job at FOX was the first step to making it all happen, per CBS Sports Radio...

“His wife has been measuring for drapes with a tape measurer in Clay Helton’s office the last few weeks,” May joked on The DA Show. “Why does a guy, Urban Meyer – where he already worked for us at ESPN when I was at ESPN, he’s been there a couple years, he knows the situation, how to work through ESPN and their policies and procedures, and he knows all the producers and directors and he’s got a familiarity there and he’s only an hour-and-a-half flight from there – and he decides to go a three-hour flight from Columbus to L.A.”

“He’s coached at Utah, he’s recruited California, he knows how to recruit that area, his studio is less than 40 minutes from USC’s campus and he can go to high school games every Thursday and Friday night when he’s in Southern California,” May said. “The writing is on the wall, unfortunately, for Clay Helton unless they run the table and get to the Rose Bowl this year, and I don’t think that’s going to happen. I can almost guarantee you that’s the job he’s going to take. If you look at his track record, he doesn’t go to a place that doesn’t have a good quarterback that’s already established.”

“Once he took that job (at Fox Sports), that was the first thing that I had in my mind,” May said of Meyer taking over at USC. “Why are you taking that job? Because you know the situation that Clay Helton is under. You know that USC is a great place to coach. You know that they’ve got a great heritage and a great history there, and you know that you can draw players there. They’ve got like four quarterbacks that can play major college football apparently.”

“He’s going to step into a situation where he’s going to be solid at the quarterback position and he’s got some great athletes at the skill positions,” May said. “All he’s got to do is get a good recruiting class under him. It’s the same thing he did at Ohio State. It’s almost a turnkey operation.”

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user avatar
TWT57 months
Urb had a fake heart attack to get out of SEC, then he and his wife had a major indiscretion to get out of big 10. Now on to pac 12 where he belongs. He plans to bring in O.J. to help in decision making and recruiting.
user avatar
Bryantboyz57 months
What a life for urban liar though! Florida, Ohio State and USC, wow. He'll finally get busted for cheating though
user avatar
JackieTreehorn57 months
Not a surprise. And in 5 years he will suffer another career ending Strokecoronaryseizure
user avatar
TigersCajuns57 months
No heart!
user avatar
SG_Geaux57 months
Same type of shite he pulled to get from Florida to Ohio St
user avatar
Rosenblatt57 months
Mark May doesn’t know anymore than any other poster here
user avatar
justustm257 months
Well, first of all he personally knows Urban. Do you?
user avatar
CFFreak57 months
Not surprised. Especially when you realize that shite seems to follow him everywhere he goes. He is not a moral guy by any means. I may just have more respect for the midget than I do for CUM.
user avatar
ForLSU5657 months
Who lies more, Urban or Nic? Looks like UM gets the trophy.
user avatar
Ssubba57 months
Urban should have quit the Buckeyes after that 14 hour meeting.
user avatar
Robin Masters57 months
This is the big one! I’m coming for ya Lucile!
user avatar
EasterEgg57 months
So his headaches are gone?
user avatar
Thracken1357 months
anyone who didn't see this coming is a fricking moron.
user avatar
Datbayoubengal57 months
Well I'd like it if it does happen. The PAC needs a dominant team. They are so far behind both BIGs and the SEC that it's not even funny. USC is a blue blood that you expect to be good all the time. Texas is slowly but surely clawing back to the top and if Nebraska had any decent talent outside of their QB, they would be back already.
user avatar
cubsgrace57 months
He'll win, he'll leave amidst controversy, he'll take some time off, he'll move on to the next opportunity. It what CUM does.
user avatar
brett40857 months
He really is a weird guy.
user avatar
TerryDawg0357 months
He'll win, he'll have "health problems," he'll leave amidst controversy, he'll take some time off, he'll move on to the next opportunity.
user avatar
Placekicker57 months
Probably will. Slimy bastard.
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