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USC athletic director Mike Bohn resigned from his position on Friday after the Los Angeles Times sent an inquiry concerning his conduct and leadership. According to reports from the LA Times, Bohn was accused of inappropriate workplace misconduct...

"Bohn made inappropriate comments about the physical appearance of female colleagues, including remarks about their dress, hair and weight, that staff members said made them feel uncomfortable, according to two USC sources with knowledge of the incidents. They spoke on condition of anonymity fearing retaliation. They said Bohn’s comments left colleagues — especially women — feeling awkward," the LA Times reports.
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goatmilker11 months


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lsuson11 months
Woke California for ya
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cajunmud11 months
He knew he was gonna be walking on eggshells out there...did he not? I mean, he ain't 'tupid. And still they get him? More to this story...
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Saunson6911 months
"You look nice in that dress today." Fired

"I like your haircut." Fired

I hope this wasn't what it was. Society would need a reevaluation if it was.
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jbird711 months
But if he put on a dress and decided to use the women’s bathroom he be hailed a hero.
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Giantkiller11 months
I’d surmise it was something weirder and grosser than that.
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conman11 months
People’s Republic of Kalifornia. Land of the fruits and nuts.
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GeauxtigersMs3611 months
Now that he resigned they don’t need to be anonymous.
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