Clemson has a “graveyard” near their football facilities where they put tombstones in that represent big road and bowl wins. The latest victims, coach Dabo Swinney and the team buried, are the Oklahoma Sooners who the Tigers beat in the 2014 Russell Athletic Bowl...
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LSULyle00690108 months
As horrible as this "gravestone" thing is, they should have at least left off the (24). The name "Oklahoma" is a big name in college football. The 24 tells everyone, "we beat em on a down year"
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weagle99108 months
Dabo is such a punk.
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gamecocks22108 months
dabo has a t-shirt tucked into his sweatpants..............
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TIGRLEE108 months
Clemson wants to be relevant so bad.
They are the ark or ole miss of the acc.
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Dam Guide108 months
well I guess they need something since they can't win championships.
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goodgrin108 months
Waste of granite
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