Always be paying attention...

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Lsu10120576 months
No reason to not just throw a mesh net up there you could still see through it. Oh well made a good video glad no one got hurt.
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For real. Stop being cheap and buy some damn netting.
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GutenHund76 months
I did a stadium renovation job at old Busch Stadium in 1996. Original design called for netting on the dugout railing, but teams complained it blocked their view. Netting was removed.
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LSUswanny76 months
"Always be paying attention..." Well said.
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KG676 months
Went to an Astros game in high school and sat behind dugout. Had a ball come at us pretty hard like that, but it did skip off the top of the dugout. My dad and I spilt like those two guys and it really wasn't close to hitting us. The lady behind the face. Lucky it was a glancing blow, but still swole up quite fast. Kind of felt bad for not knocking it down with a hand as I was prepared to protect myself. Just happens so fast.
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Higgysmalls76 months
i believe only one would have been killed
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