New Bob Knight Book Reveals He Squeeze Players' Testicles, Punch Players
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Former Indiana basketball player Todd Hadlow, who played for former head coach Bob Knight from 1985-89, has written a book alleging that Knight punched him in the head and squeezed his testicles, as well as other players', along with other weird and abusive incidences. Per Bob Kravitz of WTHR-13 in Indianapolis...

In the book, Jadlow: On the Rebound, Jadlow alleges:

That Knight punched him in the back of the head with a closed fist during a walkthrough for an NCAA Tournament game against Seton Hall.

That inside a sideline huddle during a 1989 game against Louisville – the game when Sports Illustrated famously captured a photo of the coach pushing Jadlow back onto the court — Knight cracked a clipboard over Jadlow’s head.

That after an NIT game in New York City, an enraged Knight once dug his hands so deeply into Jadlow’s sides, he left bruises. Jadlow includes a picture of the bruises Knight left; “It’s weird because I never carried a camera,” he was telling me Friday over a Stromboli at Nick’s. “But I had this thought, ‘You know, if I ever write a book about my experiences, I want to have a picture of what he did to me.’ “
That Knight made a habit, with Jadlow and others, of grabbing players by the testicles and squeezing.

That Knight continually called Daryl Thomas a “(bleeping) p—–” and once instructed the managers to wallpaper Thomas’ locker with pictures of female genitalia. Knight also liked to throw tampons at Thomas, who took more abuse than anybody on Jadlow’s teams.

That on the flight home after the 1986 NCAA Tournament loss to Cleveland State, Knight tore up the plane and ultimately grabbed Thomas by the neck and shook him violently.

That Knight made sport of Jadlow’s facial tic in front of the entire team; in the book, former IU teammate Mark Robinson wrote that Knight yelled at Jadlow, “If you don’t stop the (bleeping) twitching, I’m going to throw your arse out of here.”

That during a practice, Knight forced Dean Garrett and Keith Smart to run hours of sprints while barking like dogs since they were, in his words, “playing like (bleeping) dogs.”

And that, Jadlow said recently, was just a partial accounting of Knight’s excesses.

“If he did those things today,” Jadlow said, “he (Knight) would be in jail.”
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Damnit, Larry... It's Jadlow, not Hadlow. frick, man...
Reply54 months
Maybe he should have coached at Penn State
Reply54 months
Ahhhh the good ole days when everyone wasn't such pussies
Reply54 months
been an over-rated A-hole his whole life. Talent on that unbeaten Indiana team build his rep and he lived on it forever. Massive douche who yelled at a group of us at an 8th grade bball camp about "composure and respect", yet we never saw any of that from him then or later. Can't stand that jerk.
Reply54 months
He was just trying to grab 'em by their pussy since they needed to man up.
Reply54 months
Child Molestor - fits.
Reply54 months
I always suspected Knight was a root grabber. Fat bully-Bobby The Fataass Knight
Reply54 months
Yep. Those were the good old days.
Reply54 months
I hope he popped a Tic Tac before grabbing them.
Reply54 months
frick him. bob can get cancer and die for all i care
Reply54 months
Write book Make radical claims about crazy coach (which, does anybody care what Knight did anyways?) ???? Profit
Reply54 months
He's right about being in jail for doing that today. You can't do anything close to that anymore.
Reply54 months
The pussification of America. Political correctness, ObamaNation 2016
54 months
smells like a bitch lookin for a payday.
Reply54 months
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