Iowa star Caitlin Clark broke Pete Maravich's NCAA Division I scoring record on Sunday, earning congratulations from all over the sports world. Since other celebrities like LeBron James and Magic Johnson sent her congratulatory messages, former NFL star Antonio Brown thought he'd throw his hat into the ring with this weird tweet...
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ImBatman2 months
Does Antonio Brown have a crush on Mel Gibson? He's a weirdo gay boy. Now all you other gay boys can give me a down vote because I just hurt your feelings.
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KennabraTiger2 months
Bruce, you so cray
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LSU_Legz2 months
No one is comparing anything. Caitlin has scored more points in her career the Pete did in his career. That is not the same as saying she is a better shooter or player. There isn't an asterisk need.

Congrats to her...remarkable achievement any way you cut it. That doesn't diminish Pete or how unbelievable he was.
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atltiger64872 months
this comparison is absurd. Clark is the all-time leader scoring in women's basketball. Pete is it for men's. The two games are different, so people should stop trying to combine them. Just another effort to erase the (obvious) differences between men and women that we're seeing the loonies do nowadays.
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cajunmud2 months
Did he just finish watching Passion of the Christ or something...haha? Dr. gotta minute?
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idlewatcher2 months
Why is AB such a weird dude?
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ForeverGator2 months
CTE. At least, that's what makes sense.
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ATLtigeaux2 months
She didn’t break Pistol Pete’s record. She set the record for all time leading scorer in women’s college basketball
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Bige112 months
Not only did she not break it, she didn’t really break even if she were playing in men’s.
Remember pistol Pete averaged 12 more points a game than her. Freshmen weren’t allowed to play back then so he only got 3 years. In addition, there was NO 3 point line.

Theres only one pistol Pete.
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Lsustev2 months
….and no shot clock. I think she is a great player. But, this is comparing apples to oranges.
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DeafVallyBatnR2 months
43.6 ppg as Freshman in 18 games 785 pts as a Freshman added to total for Pete. Why not, if your going to say a Girl broke his record playing a whole different league they should add his Freshman pts.
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